January 30, 2017

Stocktips, ARNAVCORP, munafa research and google finance charts of a pump and dump scam

Attaching a screenshot for your reference as to the outcome of a pump and dump scam in the short term (1 month). Couldn't get a better illustration. :)



January 15, 2017

Further details on stocktips,net,in Munafa research and Arnavcorp

PLEASE COMPLAIN TO SEBI sebi@sebi.gov.in about Munafa Research and Arnavcorp.

Their website WHOIS details-

http://www.statsinfinity.com/domain/077H1Q60auMeRlS7DHPJZv0Hv6qPnX8T_info.html (http://archive.is/dlLqR)

These are the numbers listed of the fraudsters in case you want to tell them you are putting in a complaint with SEBI.

98260112233 Ph no.

986789756 (mentioned on the website)
8955644663 (received in sms')
7096132662 (given in their facebook page posts)
7566226656 (given on the domain whois page, see above)

The stocktips website terms and conditions page lists 


One certainly does not expect them to draft a coherent terms and conditions but the least they could do is read it through. But one does not expect such amateurs to display such polish.

https://document.li/MYO3 or https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/01/11/stocktips-whois/


Archive of stocktips's homepage- http://archive.is/l9WD1 (incase they take their website down).

Additional details:
https://plus.google.com/113913258341746726390/posts/GjRo6z4Mzrw (posted by Raj Singh Kushwah) http://archive.is/AbmK1


Designated Partners of Sachinraj Munafa Markeitng Llp are Sachin Ghosh and Raj Kumar Singh Kushwah. 

Sachinraj Munafa Markeitng Llp's LLP Identification Number is (LLPIN)AAD-2256. Its Email address is lsrconsultants28@gmail.com and its registered address is E 55, SCHEME NO 94 RING ROAD INDORE Indore MP 452010

January 11, 2017

The anatomy of a pump and dump scam- courtesy- stocktips,net,in (Munafaresearch), Raj Kumar Kushwah and ARNAVCORP (BSE:531467)

PLEASE COMPLAIN TO SEBI sebi@sebi.gov.in about Munafa Research and Arnavcorp.

Stocktips, alongwith the promoters of Arnavcorp have recently been sending out lots of messages to everybody to pick up 50k to 100k shares of this company.

My dear speculators and gullibe investors, this is how the modus operandi of a pump and dump stock scam works.

Who is stocktips?

There is no name of the company, no address on the website.
However, I am providing details that I found out.

They are Munafa Research. www.munafaresearch.com/

rajkumar singh kushwah (mcxmunafa@gmail.com)

e-55 scm. no 94 near sidhivinayak hospital ring road indore

I will post all the sms' I received regarding this scam.

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November 2, 2016

Filatex Fashions vogue4all FRAUD AVOID

My father received an sms stating:

"Filatax fashions ltd(532022) post urling the socks industry comes to storm the Ecommerce sector with vogue4all.com ....."
AVOID this company.

This is a classic pump-and-dump scam. You buy high, promoters and market manipulators cash out. You are left holding worthless paper.

What has been going on for the past 2 years:

a)Filatex has been trying to drive up its share price so that its promoters and inside manipulators are able to cash out.

b)One of the ways is to generate some publicity so that it drives up the share price and since ecommerce is the "buzzword", they decide,

c)Filatex would buy vogue4all.

d)vogue4all is some crappy ecommerce site that is not worth even 1cr.

e)Why would a crafty, manipulative Filatex pay 20cr for a website that is not worth even 1cr?

f)They do this because of siphoning away money from Filatex (and reducing the value of the company).
The promoters have removed 20cr in cash from the company. The company's value has gone down.

g)A year later, they see that the market is not biting their bait and sees no traction for Filatex in ecommerce. So what they start doing is,
send millions of sms' like the one my father received.

h)For the next 15 days, 1 month, you will see heavy buying in this script and it will be locked at the upper circuit. If it is not locked at the upper circuit, there will be very few sellers. You see, the promoters and manipulators have cornered all the free shares so that very little is left on the market.

i)Once they have finished sending out the sms' and pumping up the share price, they will start dumping shares in huge volumes. Gullible investors who bought into the sms' and whatever now see the value of Filatex shares going down..and down..and down.

j)And so it will remain for the next 1-3 years until the promoters decide, let us make fools of investors all over again and try some other scheme. 

When you see the website, vogue4all.com, do you really believe that this website can be worth 20cr in acquisition cost and the promoters have promised to pump in another 20cr to make it like "flipkart.com". What bullshit.

When you go through the below article, you will realize that every word uttered by Prabhat Sethia is absolute lies.

Consider the quote below:
"the deal would help them lift the sales more than two-fold to Rs 65-70 crore, as against Rs 30 crore it posted in the last fiscal."

See the archives of the website. Do you really think anybody would buy a ecommerce site for 20cr that has a monthly visitor count of 30-35k?

The only people being fooled in this fiasco is YOU, the gullible investor. STAY AWAY FROM FILATAX / FILATEX.



July 11, 2016

Shivyog: this sums up my thoughts of this organization

Completely fake , I know this as I was associated with shivyog for 4 years, you are hypnotised into it & you completely surrender without using your logic mind as baba says if you want any spiritual achievement stop using your logic mind. This baba had nothing about 15 years back , his wife was a school teacher in some school in Delhi, it was difficult even to meet his two ends ,when this golden idea stuck him. Thus Rajendra Ratra became baba Shivanand. He started from a rented accommodation flat in Vasant Kunj, Delhi and today is the owner of several million dollars with properties in Spain , London, Mauritius and of course India 
His son who was thrusted into this business as he was not interested in studies thus after completing in 12th he was made acharya, he couldn t earn more in any other business than this. His daughter is divorced , somebody ask him he has so many power couldn t he stop his daughters divorce? 
To sum it up it another case of complete fraud!